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2nd Bangalore Nano
Event Brochure
Post Event Report on Bangalore Nano 2007

RICH ( Research Industry Collaboration Hub )
International Conference Exhibition
Interactive Poster Session  The List of Meritorious Poster Papers
Students Programme Vision Talk by Prof. C.N.R. Rao

The first edition of Bangalore Nano organised by Dept. of IT, BT and Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) and MM Activ was inaugurated on 6 th December, 2007 by
H. E. Shri. Rameshwar Thakur, Governor of Karna­taka in the presence of
Prof. C. N. R. Rao, Chairman, Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minister & Honorary President, JNCASR and Dr. Patrice Millet, European Commission, amidst the entire Nanotech fraternity.

It was the first major event of its kind in India in Bridging the Research-Industry Gap in Nanotechnology. The Event was attended by over 500 delegates consisting of Industry Captains from across sectors, Heads of R&D Organizations & Scientists, leading Investors, Young technocrats and Multinational Companies.

The event witnessed Prof. C. N. R. Rao being conferred the first Bangalore Nano National Award for 2007 , recognizing his awe-inspiring achievements in the field of Nanotechnology. Yearly Calendar for 2008 developed by Reliance Industries with Nanotechnology theme was also unveiled during the event. This Calendar is designed by MM Activ Creative Team.

While inaugurating the event, H. E. Shri. Rameshwar Thakur, Governor of Karnataka, said, “The two-day Bangalore Nano convention would be an ideal forum for researchers and industrialists to in­teract and explore possibilities of applications on Nanotechnology in different sectors of economy. There is a vast scope for application of Nanotechnology in Electronics, Biopharma, Engineering etc. The conference would be of immense value and content to the participants as it is being structured by the Vision Group on Nanotechnology comprising eminent scientists headed by Prof. C N R Rao.”

On this occasion, H. E. Shri. Rameshwar Thakur handed over the document of 14 acres of land allotted to Nanotechnology Research Centre, to Prof. M.R.S. Rao, President, JNCASR.

Addressing the audience Prof. C. N. R. Rao, Chairman, Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minis­ter and Honorary President, JNCASR said, “Bangalore Nano is the 1st public function in Nanotechnology in India . Nanotechnology is creating great excitement in the field of science. The technology cuts across all disciplines and appeals everyone from scientists, engineers, industrialists, investors and governments. We do not know the future of Nanotechnology but this particular unknown future excites us. I am extremely happy to know that India have joined the race in Nanotechnology and Bangalore Nano is the first large scale nanotechnology event in India . Bangalore Nano would bring in all stakeholders in the field to discuss and share their ideas and to envision a roadmap for India in Nanotechnology”

Mr. M N Vidhyashankar, Secretary Department of IT, BT and Science & Technology, Karnataka Government while addressing the gathering said, “The promise of nanotechnology is endless. The Bangalore Nano would take us to the Golden Age the field of Nanotechnology could open. The number of consumer goods using Nano materials has been increasing worldwide and it has touched over 600 products so far. Nanotechnology has revolution­alised every sphere of human life and our economy. The new found boon science has a rich potential offering commercial value of over one trillion USD by 2015.”

Dr Patrice Millet, Programme Officer, European Commission participating in the event as a Country Partner said, “Public funding in Europe has become the largest investor in the world into Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. “International co-operation is increasing in this field for the development of Nanotechnology worldwide. The funding from the European Commission is also going to increase for the research and development in the field of Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, and there are innumerable opportunities for EU to collaborate with India which will be encouraged.”

Reliance Industries Limited was the main Event Sponsor, Biocon was the session sponsor & European Union had participated as Country Partner.
“Bangalore Nano 2007” was also supported by KBITS, ABLE and NSTC.


RICH ( Research Industry Collaboration Hub )

RICH was aimed at bringing emerging technologies face to face with Investors and Industry for future collaborations. This activity generated excellent response as
19 presenters from different companies and Research Institutes showcased emerging technologies a diverse audience which included primarily Industries and Venture Capitalists. Each presenter was offered 10minute podium presentation slot. The presentations were followed by one to one meetings. As per the initial feedback many serious partnerships are like to emerge out of this effort


International Conference

The International Conference started with the Plenary session “Research to Reality” which was addressed by stalwarts from Industry and Research fraternity.
The Conference subsequently covered various focused topics like ICT, Electronics & Lifestyle products, Nanoprocess and Nano Engineering, Chemicals and Nanomaterials, Nano Biotechnology and Nano Medicine. The Conference witnessed a series of presentations from some of the experts from India and abroad from Industry as well as scientific fraternity.



Some of the Exhibitors are Omniscient Electronics, Vi NanoTech, Nano Excel Enterprises Private Limited, Tesscorn Systems India, Velbionanotech (I) Pvt.Ltd, Spectronic Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd., KBITS, Karnataka State Remote Sensing and Application Centre, Karnataka Science & Technology Acad­emy , M&W Zander and Perma Weld. Special visits and Planned Coffee breaks ensured engaging dialogue between the delegates, Speakers, Invitees and the Exhibitors.

Interactive Poster Session

Over 56 Poster presenters representing best of Research and Academic Institutes this activity was well received by every one. Special Interactive sessions were planned to bring young researchers face to face with Delegates. The best 5 posters were also awarded.


Awards for best Poster presenters:

The List of Meritorious Poster Papers are:

Title: Studies on use of multiple walled carbon Nanotubes in sustained drug delivery

Mr. Malay D Shah,
Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur

Title: A Noval Optomechatronic focussed laser spot submicron scanning system
for Microstereolithography

Mr. Suhas Deshmukh,
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Title: A novel functionality of CdS Quantum dots - glass Nanosystem in solar
Hydrogen production.

Dr. Bharat B. Kale,
Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), Pune

Title: Novel Nanomagnetic chelating agents for facile removal of Heavy metals from water via magnetic filtration.

Dr. Sulaiman Mohammed Alfadul,
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Title: Stabilizing high-energy crystal structure of metallic Nanowires with under-potential

Ms. Amrita Singh,
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Students Programme

In the on Nanotechnology, more than 500 students from 23 engineering & medical colleges across the Bangalore were addressed by Prof. C.N.R. Rao along with leading Scientists- D.D.Sarma, A.K.Sood, G.U.Kulkarni, G.V.Shivashankar, at a special session on Nanotechnology. The Panel of experts shared with them the key aspects of Nanotechnology and the excitement that lies in Nano research. A 30 minute video on Nanotechnology designed and developed by JNCASR was also screened on this occasion.


Vision Talk by Prof. C.N.R. Rao

In his Vision talk at the Valedictory function of Bangalore Nano 2007,
Prof. C.N.R. Rao urged the Govern­ment to give greater freedom for Scientists and Researchers of the country to continue their work in the insti­tutions as researchers and at the same time explore new business opportunities through private ventures. India should follow the established models of developed countries. This would provide a better environment for the researchers to achieve greater economic growth for the country especially in the field of nanotechnology.

“The Indian researchers can make any Nano-materials at any form required but the biggest challenge lies in assembling of these Nano-materials. We are still looking at technologies to assemble these Nano-materials to make final commercial products. There is a huge demand for Nano-materials globally. India should be ideally catering to this global demand in the years to come”, said Mr. Rao.

The first edition of Bangalore Nano received tremendous response and support. The second edition will hap­pen in Dec 2008 under the guidance of Prof. Rao. The state Govt. has already allocated a larger fund for this. The next edition of Bangalore Nano would be much larger in scale”, said Mr. M N Vidhyashankar, Secre­tary Department of IT, BT and Science & Technology, Karnataka Government.

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