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2nd Bangalore Nano
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  Nano Interlinks

Nano Interlinks Key Features Nano Interlinks – Features and Benefits

  Please follow the following steps to register yourself as delegate.  
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2nd Bangalore Nano.
  Step 2:  
  click here to Get Registered for Nano Interlinks  
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Nano Interlinks Key Features:

  • Focus on delegates, companies and products
  • Profile matching and scheduling appointments with other delegates
  • Search parameters allow other delegates to reach you
  • “myInterlinks” – List of all short listed delegates / organization

    Nano Interlinks – Features and Benefits

  • Create your profile / organizations profile
  • While creating your profile as delegate you will select your area of interest and also your interlinking areas
  • “myInterlinks” - to provide delegate with list of short listed profiles as per your interlinks interests
  • You can add the desired profiles to “myInterlinks” short listed profiles.
  • Prior to the event, establish contact with the list of “myInterlinks” delegates.
  • Interactive search facility – helping you search profiles according to your interest area
  • Interactive search also to provide ad words based on the keyword entered by you
  • While scheduling a meeting you can also book the “Interlinks” meeting room online
  • Optimum utilization of time at the event
  • Stay connected with NANO INTERLINKS for a specific time frame after the event is over
  • Post event collaboration with you


    BANGALORE - The Nano Hub of India 
    In association with
    Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR)
    Event Partner
    MM Activ - Sci-Tech Communication Company
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